Monday, September 25, 2006

NYer Haiku: September 25, 2006

New Yorker Haiku

The Fashion Issue: 25 September, 2006

The Financial Page: Wagers of Sin
By James Surowiecki

Online bets allow
Oversight, good predictions;
Smarter than lotto.

On And Off The Avenue: Cool Enough For School
By Patricia Marx

Fall studies start with
Staples, thrift stores, Bed Bath &
Beyond.... Best take notes.

Annals of Accessories: Bag Lady
By Andrea Lee

Handbags outprice rent?
Seems a lot, but consider
All the R. & D.

Letter From Nova Scotia: Rag Time
By Calving Trillin

Second-hand bargains:
Frenchy's gives fashion-obsessed
Endless hope of finds.

Fiction: Freight
By Henry Roth

Even hobos can't
Escape pasts, prejudices,
Fighting over dimes.

Profiles: The Huntress
By Larissa MacFarquhar

"Be romantic, bold":
Diane von Furstenberg's clothes
Designed for such lives.

The Art World: I Remember MOMA
By Calvin Tomkins

Wait, say curators:
New MOMA seems a stranger
But we'll grow closer.

A Critic At Large: Dressed For Success
By Judith Thurman

Court fashion diva,
Antoinette's sins were small, but
She died like a queen.

The Theatre: The War Room
By Hilton Als

Ensler's "The Treatment"
Advocates more than explores.
"Asylum": cliches.

Musical Events: Fervor
By Alex Ross

Adored singer gone:
Lorraine's deft, strong, warm voice leaves
Wonder, sorrow, thanks.

On Television: Backstage Angst
By Tad Friend

Snappy lines spice up
Sorkin's skit-writers drama,
If not real people.

The Current Cinema: Dream On
By Anthony Lane

"The science of sleep"
Needs to wake up; "Renaissance"
A tech/art marvel.


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