Monday, October 02, 2006

NYer Haiku: October 2, 2006

New Yorker Haiku

2 October, 2006

Notes of a Gastronome: TV Dinners
By Bill Buford

Food Network wants food
That's pretty, quick, comforting;
Same goes for its hosts.

Casual: Pinchuck's Law
By Woody Allen

Hiding in our midst:
Accidental murderers,
Who just want to talk.

Personal History: A Return
Ben Bradlee

Men who were once boys
Fighting in the Pacific
Go back, remember.

Profiles: Command Performance
By John Lahr

Helen Mirren learned
Bravery, self-possession
That's fit for a queen.

Our Far-Flung Correspondents: The Path of Stones
Burkhard Bilger

Madagascar's gems:
Riches in the jungle bring
Both wealth and chaos.

Fiction: Other People's Deaths
By Lore Segal

None one knows the words
To say to a young widow;
But some wish they did.

A Critic at Large: Unstrung
Jim Holt

String theory's beauty
Ain't enough: it's time for more
Points of view, results.

Books: Dispossession
By Louis Menand

Fazier's "Thirteen Moons":
Tiresome narrator, but world
Of old, brutal truths.

The Theatre: Kingdom Come
By Hilton Als

"The Pain and the Itch"
A must see. Cumpsty's a great
"Richard II".

Pop Music: The Closer
By Sasha Frere-Jones

Ludacris's raps
Add spice to other's tracks,
More than to his own.

The Current Cinema: Power Players
By David Denby

Choosing a strongman?
"The Last King of Scotland" rules
Over Willie Stark.


At 9:02 PM, Blogger BekiLynn said...

you know none of these are really haiku...this one comes closest:

None one knows the words
To say to a young widow;
But some wish they did.

but it's more senyru than haiku. Haiku has nothing to do with people, it seeks to discover the nature of the universe while senyru seeks to discover the nature of man and is often satirical or humorous. Some of your entries here might come close to senyru. But what is most important to state is simply having seventeen syllables does not make a haiku, in fact true haiku would not even have seventeen syllables but it is the least important quality of the form. I am sure you find these NYer "haiku" amusing...but see them for what they are, simply short humorous poems.As a serious student of haiku I am dismayed to find these masquerading as the real thing.


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