Monday, October 23, 2006

NYer Haiku: October 23, 2006

New Yorker Haiku

23 October, 2006

On the Air: Arriba!
By Dan Baum

Spanish radio's
Almendarez: "Listeners,
Become citizens!"

Our Local Correspondents: Mink Inc.
By Lauran Collins

Rosenfeld's fur coats
Are fitting wear for either
Rap star or matron.

Life and Letters: Rewriting Nature
By Adam Gopnik

Darwin, happy to
Let the facts speak for themselves,
Deftly arranged them.

A Reporter at Large: The Last Drop
By Michael Specter

We don't price it right,
And we use too much; could we
Run out of water?

Fiction: Stairway to Heaven
By Aleksandar Hemon

Bored in Africa,
Teenage writer finds neighbor
An edgy subject.

Books: The Nutty Professors
By Anthony Grafton

Hot-shot professors
Used glamour to trounce custom;
So rose modern schools.

The Theatre: Blowing Smoke
By John Lahr

LaBute's "Wrecks" captures
Man blinded by self, dying
In his own darkness.

Dancing: Hard and Fast
By Joan Acocella

Khan's stunning "Kaash" reunites
rhythm, modern dance.

The Current Cinema: Lost in the Revolution
By Anthony Lane

"Marie" is hollow,
But "Infamous" Capote
Deserves second look.


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