Tuesday, October 31, 2006

NYer Haiku: October 30, 2006

New Yorker Haiku

30 October, 2006

The Financial Page: Safe as Houses?
By James Surowiecki

House price index climbs
With inflation, bigger homes,
While your home's worth falls.

The Political Scene: Southern Discomfort
By Peter J. Boyer

James Webb's war record?
Virginians prefer to hear
George Allen's scandals.

Personal History: Snook
By Ian Frazier

It takes obsession,
Countless casts, to catch your own
Holy Grail of fish.

A Reporter at Large: Millions for Millions
By Connie Bruck

For-profit or not-,
Microfinance helps the poor
With just a few bucks.

Profiles: The Show-Woman
By Hilton Als

Write a play a day?
No problem for sharp, bold, black
Suzan-Lori Parks.

Fiction: Republica and Grau
By Daniel Alarcon

It's tough for a boy,
Learning grimy beggar's cons,
To stay unsoiled.

Pop Music: Body Language
By Sasha Frere-Jones

Janet's latest songs,
Even with her bedroom voice,
Might put you to sleep.

A Critic at Large: The Revolutionist
By Keith Gessen

Kind writer Herzen
Showed us the clumsy nature
Of progressives' lives.

The Theatre: Human Shield
By John Lahr

"Rachel Corrie" shows
Hectic, messy mind tackling
The world's injustice.

On Television: Guilty as Sin
By Tad Friend

James Woods plays dirty,
For justice, in snide, clever,
rather schmaltzy "Shark."

The Current Cinema: Battle Fatigue
By David Denby

"Flags" blends irony,
Valor; "Babel" too well made
For trite sob story.


At 2:43 AM, Blogger Mad Kane said...

These are fun! I write haiku myself, usually about politics and the news. So I was happy to discover your blog.
Mad Kane

At 2:47 AM, Blogger LaTriviata said...

Referred by a friend.
Thought your blog was trés clever.
Here's one from skipped mag:

Oct. 16, 2006
The Formula
by Malcolm Gladwell

Copaken loves film.
He built weird math to boost gross.
Kills art for art’s sake?

At 7:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss this. Now I have to read the whole magazine and they tend to pile up over the years.


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